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Kifissia Rental Cars

Citroen Jumpy
Vans 9 Seats (M1)
from $ 42 / day

Car Rental Kifissia

Hyundai i30 Diesel
Large Hatchback Diesel (D2)
from $ 23 / day

Kifissia Rent a Car

Opel Astra STW
Station Wagon (G1)
from $ 34 / day

Kifissia Car Rental

Toyota Auris
Large Hatchback (D1)
from $ 20 / day

Kifissia Car Hire

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso
Mini Vans 7 Seats (L1)
from $ 32 / day

Car Rentals Kifissia

Hyundai I30
Large Hatchback (D1)
from $ 20 / day

Car Hire Kifissia

Fiat Talento Diesel
Vans Diesel 9 Seats (M2)
from $ 49 / day

Rental Cars Kifissia

Nissan Micra Automatic
Mini Economy Automatic (A3)
from $ 20 / day

Rent a Car Kifissia

Opel Insignia
Luxury Sedan (I1)
from $ 36 / day

Kifissia Rent a Car

Kifissia is the most well-known northern suburb of Athens and borders with Nea Erythrea, Acharnes, Lykovrisi, Metamorfosi, Pefki, Maroussi, Melissia and Nea Penteli. Its name, Kifissia, comes from the Kifissos River and is very old. It was one of the 12 ancient cities of Attica and was a municipality of the Erechtida tribe since the time of Klistheni.

A rental car from Car Hellas Rent a Car will be the ideal means of transport for a comfortable ride in Kifissia.

Already in antiquity, due to the exceptional climate, abundant waters and dense vegetation, Kifissia was a privileged tourist resort of rich and noble ones, including Herodes Atticus. The same was true of Venetian rule and Ottoman domination, with its powerful regime living there, while in the coming years the area became a popular holiday center of rich Greeks.

Today Kifissia is a sturdy settlement of Athens, with its core around Platanos Square and the Kifissia Alps, a perfect layout, a special architecture of houses and shops, imposing turrets and the love of its inhabitants for floriculture.

With the Car Hellas Rent A Car rental car, visit the neighborhoods of Kifissia and admire the once luxurious luxury hotels that currently house public services, its Alps, known from the flagship floral exhibition, the shopping center with luxury shops and the extensive pedestrian network and bicycle paths, impressive mansions with eclectic architecture, Villa Kazouli, landmark of the area, "drowned" in the green neoclassical.

Visit the exceptionally avant-garde complex of three round blocks of flats, designed by architect Nikos Despotis and a technological feat reminiscent of a multi-storey clover that stands in the air.

Walk to the traditional settlement "Plaka of Kifissia", a picturesque neighborhood with narrow cobbled streets, on the small hill that reminds Plaka on the Acropolis.

Explore the area that is the dream of many Athenians as a residential destination and make your stay in Kifissia unforgettable, thanks to the ease of transportation offered by the excellent car hire service Car Hellas Rent A Car!