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Nea Makri Rent a Car

Nea Makri is a seaside town in northeastern Attica, bordering Marathon, with the mountain range of Pentelio and Rafina, and is bordered by the South Evian on a coastline of about 10 kilometers.

A rental car from Car Hellas Rent A Car will provide you with valuable help on your travels in Nea Makri and the surrounding areas.

At the site where Nea Makri is built, there was an important Neolithic settlement inhabited continuously from the Early to the Final Neolithic era, while in classical antiquity, at that point there was Provalinthos, settlement and municipality of the Panionidis tribe of ancient Athens.

When, after the Asia Minor Catastrophe, refugees from the Ionian cities of Asia Minor, Makri and Levisi, settled there, the settlement was named Nea Makri in memory of their lost homeland.

In recent years, the city has undergone rapid residential, economic and tourist development, combining urban features and holiday character, with intense traffic all year round.

With Car Hellas Rent A Car's rental car, explore the area and its many places of interest.

The city has an important Sports Park and excellent beaches along its vast coastline.

Equally wonderful are the nearby beaches, Marathon, Schinias, Agios Panteleimonas, Rafina, Artemida, Poria, Vravrona, Porto Rafti.

Enjoy a walk in nature, the ravine of the public forest of Rappenosa with the lush vegetation and the Dardisa valley.

In the Small Delta of Brexiza, at the site of Nissi, at the same place where the Battle of Marathon was made, visit the archaeological site of the sanctuary of Kanopos or the Egyptian Gods, dedicated to Isis and Sarapi, with its luxurious bathing facilities He founded at his place of origin and residence Irodis Atticus in 160 AD.

Do not miss to visit the Archaeological Museum of Marathon and the Marble Canyon, as well as many other attractions to discover, traveling with the comfort offered by the unrivaled Car Hellas Rent A Car car rental service.