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Nissan Micra
Economy (B1)
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Peristeri Rent a Car

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Car Rental Peristeri

Mercedes C250 Automatic
Luxury Sedan Automatic (I3)
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Nissan Micra Automatic
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Volkswagen Passat
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Peristeri Car Rental

Citroen C3 Diesel Automatic
Medium Family Diesel Automatic (C4)
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Car Hire Peristeri

Opel Astra
Large Hatchback (D1)
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Kia Sportage
Intermediate SUV (J1)
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Peristeri Rent a Car

Peristeri is the central and most populous municipality of the Western Sector of Athens and borders with the areas of Egaleo, Chaidari, Petroupoli, Ilion and the Municipality of Athens.

A rental car from Car Hellas Rent a Car will prove to be a valuable means of transportation to and from Peristeri.

In the antiquity, the area consisted of the Municipality of Lefkonoi, a name that refers to the whiteness of its terrain and its rocks (today's White Facades), which is conceptually conceived in the present name of Peristeri.

In the region, home of Pericles, significant archaeological finds have been excavated to witness its uninterrupted settlement from the early archaic years to the present.

The formerly fertile plain with a special vegetation around Kifissos, granaries, vineyards and a vast olive grove (few parts of which have survived to date due to human intervention) is today a heavily urbanized area with dense construction and demographic multipurality, with the only exception today's grove of Saint Jerome.

The installation of the Asia Minor refugees and the waves of internal migration have provoked a population explosion in the area that today is a major industrial center with lively neighborhoods such as Bournazi and New Life.

Metro stations Agios Antonios, Peristeri and Anthoupoli serve the city, while there is a good transport network.

With the Car Hellas Rent A Car rental car, you can visit the most important parts of the area, such as Peristerios Avenue, green oasis of coolness and culture and the Peristeri Exhibition Center opposite the grove.

See the Diomidos Botanical Garden in Chaidari and visit the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the Acropolis Museum and the countless sights of the city in the center of Athens.

With the excellent Car Hellas Rent a Car rental service and the comfortable traveling services offered, your tours of Peristeri and Athens will be very easy and pleasant, leaving you only beautiful memories!